Humidity AlertTM

The Humidity Alert tracks continuous hours of high Relative Humidity over an “extended period” of time, and alerts if dangerous conditions persist. A continuous readout of current ambient condition allows you to make adjustments to your Santa Fe or Ultra-Aire dehumidifier to maintain a healthy and comfortable indoor environment.

Features Include:

  • Time of day
  • Temperature F/C
  • Relative humidity (including accumulated hours of high RH)
  • Days of monitoring (up to 199)
  • Sound Alarm activation when set relative humidity limits are exceeded
  • Functions independently from the dehumidifier

Humidity Alert Manual

HOBO® Data Loggers

HOBO Data Loggers are easy-to-use and available at a fraction of the price other data loggers. Data loggers are the ideal way to accurately record specific information over time at pre-determined intervals. Common uses for data loggers include the measurement/recording of temperature, relative humidity, on/off, open/closed, carbon monoxide, external temperature, light intensity, and more. Available for indoor and outdoor applications, HOBO data loggers offer a wide range of solutions to your data collection needs. Once the data is collected, it is accessed through the BoxCar® software package, which runs on Windows-based PCs.

HOBO Data Loggers Brochure